TIMT: Amigurumi

I’ve made a bunch of amigurumi the last few years, but I don’t always remember to take photographs unfortunately. This is a small collection of items I’ve created from free patterns easily found on the web.

Last year for my son’s birthday he asked for a tiny mouse. I looked around a bit for a pattern that I liked, and stumbled across this one, a cute roly-poly mouse.



Around the same time I made this catnip mouse for my fatty, Rogue. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it much once the catnip all fell out, which may be something to consider altering in the future. Perhaps a space in the belly to insert a tiny sachet every so often.

mouse roguemouse








I did one of the online /r/crochet crochet a long monthly challenges and made Percy the Elephant, whom was quickly fought over and claimed by the husband.



Some dear friends had a baby and I made them a giraffe, which I forgot to take pictures of… but another friend had a boy as well, and I sent him a lion lovely. I started him with a beautiful shade of golden yellow that I couldn’t find more of. Then I remade him in a different, darker shade.



I also sent along a little sperm whale for their other son. He loves sea creatures.



A few years ago I made this little fairy girl for my daughter, which she insists needs a little face.  It is *very* top heavy.



I also made her a unicorn last summer for her birthday. I wasn’t very pleased with how the colors ended up looking, but she loves it.



My nephew received a snake for christmas this year.



My niece got an elephant for her first birthday, out of the same yarn as her baby blanket.





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