Thoughts on dandelions

dandelionsDandelions are happy flowers, greeting the sun with full uplifted faces. They are stubborn, returning year after year despite the efforts of man. They are the first sign that summer is coming; a hint of the long suns and warm sand of summer dog days. Always sunny and cheery, yet calm and steady like a warm blanket. They have darling forms; the bright cheery yellow fuzzy heads that attract the little eyes that reach and grab the soft, giving stems. “Mom!” and a thrust endear them in our hearts as a sign of youth. In every form they entertain the young, becoming next a form of entertainment in their death. What other purpose could their means of seeding have? They give even now, as little lips on busy running bodies pause and pucker to blow, giggling in delight as the tiny. Perfect feathery seeds careen perfectly across the sky, causing amazement and wonder. Then they are reborn, and now become the flower of choice for garlands and crowns. This, and it’s tenacity to come up everywhere make it the first flower given to or received by a crush. Eventually summer love comes back full circle and you see it from the other side, reliving the magic in the eyes of your children, and you realize that the magic has always been there. It’s one of the things that says home- they heal a broken heart, soothe a sodden soul, and scream comfort like grandma’s clock, and silence that isn’t silent because there’s frogs and cars.


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