The Beauty of Language

Published in the winter 2010 94th edition of GRCC’s Display magazine.



Large coarse hands

Gracefully flowing in language

Face animated

Here is one

Who knows the best stories

Framing them in empty space

With rough oil-stained hands

Language is never as beautiful

As when he speaks with them

Your lips will never form words

As flawlessly as his layman’s hands

He is my inspiration

Even though he is an outsider

He strives to understand

The delicate balance of

The dual worlds his children live in

I don’t belong to his world or yours

But I have to live in both of them

I see the beauty in his language

When I read his hands

I see it in yours when I read

My world is the world of print

The pace where my languages join

I read the english writing

And in my head I see the signs

Only here do they meld

The best of both worlds

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  1. Dregond · February 24, 2010

    Yay for kiki-chan poem <3