Reading List- March

The rating system is as follows:

*- Bad book, would not read again

**- Okay book, would not read again

***- Good book, would read again

****- Great book, would read again

*****- Amazing book, would read again

~*~- special star, book I am rereading again


Here is January’s reading list, and here is February’s reading list.

March did not go anywhere near as smoothly as the last two months, in part because I got a new job, and because I have been working very hard to get the Marauder Underground Monthly going. I also tried very hard to read an academic book or two, and those take wayyy longer to read. In light of this, I will probably be revising my goals to 2 fantasy/sci-fi/fiction books a week, or 1 academic/non-fiction book a week. March








These are all favorites of mine (and I am already halfway through the next one), and I re-read them pretty often. Piers Anthony is one of my absolute favorite authors.

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