Reading List- April

The rating system is as follows:

*- Bad book, would not read again

**- Okay book, would not read again

***- Good book, would read again

****- Great book, would read again

*****- Amazing book, would read again

~*~- special star, book I am rereading again

Previous books read are: January’s reading list, February’s reading list, and March’s reading list.


My next two months are about to be crazy busy, but once June comes I should have more time to read at least!










A Scanner Darkly was awful. I know a lot of people really love Philip K. Dick, but I hated this book. I am considering reading the Illuminatis Trilogy once I finish all of the Piers Anthony books.  I am compiling an imgur album of all of my fantasy/sci-fi books currently (as I am moving in June and we all know that won’t stop me from buying more books lol), so I may share the link for that later this month or next month. I didn’t grab photos of any of my occult collection though.


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