Jerry & Sandy

Jerry & Sandy was a short story written in 2010.

Jerry sat back in his booth and shut his eyes tightly, fighting the war drums that were pounding loudly in his head. ʻUgh,ʼ he thought to himself as he took another sip of the coffee in his hand, ʻFive-o was a bad idea.ʼ Last night he had joined some of the other tattoo artists at his shop for a crazy party they had held for one of their birthdays. He had made a decent amount of money, and afterwards had gotten tanked. He felt eyes on his back, and glanced back behind him, catching the eye of the pretty brown-haired barista. He smiled flirtatiously at her, and beckoned with a hand for her to come over to him.

Sandy nervously smiled at the only customer in her section. She smoothed the half-apron down, and confidently walked over, as her high heels clicked softly over the linoleum. Despite how sore they made her feet, she always wore stilettos and it had proven fiscally prudent since she always had great tips. She had to calm her breathing as she stood before him. Her heart raced wildly as she looked him over, and her eyes greedily drank in what she saw. She looked down at his hands. They were strong looking, and her gaze traveled up his arms, taking note of the tattoos scattered across them. His chest was broad, and his T-shirt showed the hint of a muscular body. Finally, she looked at his face. His golden hair was cut in a shaggy rock star cut, and his blue eyes stood out in contrast, shining brightly in his tanned face. She flushed visibly as his perfect lips smiled, revealing one deep dimple.

Jerry grinned at the barista, amused that he had caught her checking him out. “Miss? Iʼd like to ask you something,” he said in a steady voice. His stomach felt uneasy, and he felt the heady feeling of attraction roll over him. The womanʼs brown eyes widened, emphasizing her china doll looks. Her curly brown hair tumbled down her back, and Jerry found himself wondering what it would be like to bury his face in that silky cascade. Her skin was pale, accenting her delicate features, and as he looked into her eyes he felt as if he was drowning. She blushed even redder, and nodded her head. “What is your name, beautiful?”

Sandy felt the intense desire to kiss the tattooed stranger as he spoke, and fought it, ignoring the butterflies in her stomach as much as possible. “Sandy,” she softly answered.

“Sandy,” he repeated thoughtfully, rolling the name around in his mouth. “My name is Jerry.” She tentatively reached out a hand and touched the tattoo on his arm.

A surge of lustful heat raced through her and she gasped out, “Thatʼs a beautiful Koi fish,” pulling her hand back as quickly as she dared.

Jerry momentarily frowned, caught off-guard by the feelings that rushed through him. “Thanks,” he murmured, adding “My partner tattooed it. We just opened up the new shop, “Skin Sensation” down the street.” Sandy nodded her head, and began to walk away, unsure if she could control herself much longer.

“I need to check the coffee,” she called over her shoulder so it wouldnʼt seem like she was running away.

The bell above the door twinkled its song, and she turned to face it, hoping it wasnʼt another customer. She smiled, thrilled to see Ashley. Ashley was her replacement for the afternoon, and Sandy was looking forward to going home and kicking off her high heels. She took off her apron and scooped up her purse, already digging her keys out. As she walked out she looked back over her shoulder, and saw Jerry finishing up the last of his mug of coffee. Impulsively she decided to tell him goodbye before going out.

Jerryʼs eyes widened as Sandy came into view. She was still wearing the same low-cut black button-down shirt, but now he saw the tight matching skirt that had been hidden by the apron. She had black high heels on as well, and the effect made her legs look very long and toned. She stopped in front of his table and smiled. “Iʼm done for the day. See you around!” Jerry nodded, too entranced to say anything. A hint of disappointment flickered across her face as her smile faltered, and she quickly headed for the door, her heels betraying her frustration.

As he watched her back get further away he stood up and impulsively followed her out. “Can I help you?” she stonily asked once she realized he was following her. Jerry stopped in his tracks, a few feet away from her, unsure of what to say. Risking it all, he took a step closer, then he wrapped her in his arms and kissed her, deep and passionately. Sandy melted in his arms, and when they finally broke the kiss, both were trying to catch their breath.

Jerry took her hand and they walked down the street, the hot Texas sun shining down on their backs. A few blocks over was his shop, and his apartment above it. He led the way to the building, going around the back and up the stairs to the apartment. At the door he paused, letting go of her hand and taking out his keys. Sandy watched the muscles in his arms move under the white T, and as a soon as he turned back towards her she grabbed his tee in her hands and melded against him, her lips eagerly finding his. Jerry was surprised by it, but embraced her, pulling her into the apartment and shutting the door behind them. He pulled away for a moment, taking her by the hand and encircling her waist with his other arm. He led her into his bedroom, pulling her down beside him into his soft bed.

The room was plain; white walls surrounded the large bed and dresser, and there was nothing that would be out of ordinary in a hotel room. The bed was covered in a big fluffy blue down comforter, with several pillows. None of this mattered to Sandy though, all she could think about was the warm muscular body beside her. Jerry ran his hand along her cheek, marveling at the softness of her skin and wondering if the rest of it was just as soft. He looked into her eyes and felt as if he was drowning in their depths once more. He chose to take the plunge, and slowly leaned in, finding her lips with his. He kissed her tenderly, and she kissed back, the strength of her desire evident in the force of her lips upon him. He began to search in her mouth with his tongue, and their tongues danced together slowly.

Sandy ran her hands down his chest, finding the bottom of his shirt and slowly lifting it up and over his head, breaking the kiss. He pulled back and smiled at her, then began to unbutton her top. Beneath her top was a lace bra, and he quickly unhooked it, throwing it down on the floor beside the bed. They both stood looking at each other, and Jerry was suddenly nervous about what they were doing. “Are you sure you want to do this?” he asked her. Sandy nodded her head, then slowly ran her hands along his shoulders and chest, drawing herself close to him, bare skin touching each other. She shivered as her breasts touched him, and he softly caressed her back as he lowered his head to hers again. Their lips joined passionately, and he moved his hand gently along her back up to her neck. He slowly moved to her breasts, softly touching them. Sandy groaned softly, then began to unbuckle his belt, working to free him of his pants. He smiled down at her, then pulled down her skirt, revealing the matching lace panties.

Jerry kissed her navel, then pulled her close as he worked his lips up her body. She shivered and moaned at the sensation, and was eager to meet his lips with her own. She broke the kiss and pushed him down on the bed, then began to leave a trail of kisses along his body, starting with his neck. He held a strand of her hair, smiling gently at her as she moved further down him.

Jerry groaned as she lightly touched his thighs, grasping her arms and pulling her up him. He roughly kissed her tender mouth, feeling the passion rising within himself, and the matching rise within her.

It was starting to get late, and Kyle sighed as he drummed his fingers on the small desk before him. “Damn it,” he softly cursed. Jerry was missing again. They had agreed that he was to have the upstairs apartment since Kyle had his family, and because Jerry was infamous for being late all the time. He was a fantastic body piercer; the best in the state to be honest, and he had won enough awards and respect to know it, but he was still late. The shop didnʼt even open until noon, yet he was usually just waking up then. Bristling, Kyle turned the sign to “Closed,” and left the neons on, locking up a second. He went out the back door, locking it as well, and went up the stairs, pounding on the door for a few seconds before letting himself in.

Kyle stomped through the living room and down the narrow, short hallway to the bedroom and flung the door open. He charged in, and pulled up short, his mouth open as he looked at the sleeping pair in bed. “Jerry!” he softly shouted in a whisper, not wanting to wake the naked woman sleeping beside his partner. He inwardly groaned and stepped around to where Jerry was lying, then leaned over and roughly shook him. Jerry blinked his eyes a few times and looked over at him, then sighed. “Iʼll be right down, man. Lemme get dressed and shit.” Kyle angrily nodded, then left the apartment, fuming as he opened the shop back up. ʻGood thing itʼs early,ʼ he thought to himself.

Jerry sighed, bummed that his sleep was interrupted. He softly kissed Sandy, running his hand along her cheek and down across her body. She looked even more beautiful as she slept, the peacefulness erasing all of the bitterness and anger that was evident when she was awake. He carefully got up, quickly throwing on a pair of jeans and another tee, then hurriedly wrote a note and left it on the pillow next to Sandy.


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