Humpday Hoop Trick #8

This week’s trick is the toss. The dynamic motion of a toss can really break up the repetition of tricks. I thought it’d be fun to try out a couple of different types.

The ever popular Pizza Toss has been covered in detail by Caroleena.


These Hips Hoop has shown us how to do three awesome variations on the pizza toss as well.


The infinity toss is a killer combo that combines both sides of the under arm toss. It can be learned in three stages.

Tiana has an excellent tutorial on the infinity toss.


Funland tricks brings us a nice cross toss that makes a nice stepping stone between the finished infinity combo and the under arm toss.


And the basic under arm or tuck toss.

How cast has a very clear piece on the tuck toss.


And one last toss- A nice one posted by Jaguar Mary X.

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  1. Sarah · September 17, 2014

    Thanks to you, I can now pizza toss! THANK YOOOU :))