Humpday Hoop Trick #7

This week’s trick is the fold. Folding is a great way to transition, and that seems to be something a lot of people struggle with when it comes to flow.


Yabadabaoliveu has a great video that covers the basics of folding as well as a ton of other variations and cobos.


Deanne Love rarely fails to have a video on any trick, and she doesn’t here either. She offers a video on serving and folding, a neat combo that really brings a flowy aspect to the move and increases its ability as a transition, bringing you from a handspin or helicopter move into a unique way to bring the hoop onto the body.

She also has a video on a variation called the Escalator Flip Fold


I had a hard time finding any other videos on the fold really, so here’s a bonus video on hinges:


Hope you have fun trying these out, I am gonna be doing them like crazy (:



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