Humpday Hoop Trick #6

Here’s to hoping your week  is going fantastic! This week’s trick is the jump through! A nice  jump through is always a great transition, and they get a lot of wow from a crowd.

Anah/Hoopalicious has done a great tutorial about building up the leg muscles necessary for  successful jump throughs, as well as several variations.


The basic vertical jump through has been covered by SaFire.


The basic  horizontal jump through has been covered  by Chemigals.


One of the first jump throughs that I learned was the Flip Fold Jump Through from Deanna Love.The variation with shoulder hooping is fun too.


Soul Hula brings us a vertical jump through that starts at the head.


Deanna Love also has a video for the Jump Through behind the back.


And here’s a nice tutorial on a hand spin plus  jump through.


There are tons and tons of tutorials on jump throughs, but I hope that these get you going (:


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