Humpday Hoop Trick #5

This week I want to share a trick that I get a lot of compliments on, the Body Twizzle. I have been learning it on my recessive side for a while now, and am making some progress. It’s certainly easier with a heavier hoop; I learned it with my 38″ PE hoop, and it’s much harder to do with my 34″ Polypro hoop. You have to get over your fear of being hit in the face by the hoop, since 9/10 times when I miss catching the hoop it is directly related to getting scared of it knocking off my glasses. The main thing after that is just repetition.

Babz has an easy to follow video on the Body Twizzle.

This is the Hip Twist, and seems to be a nice step between the body twizzle and the hip flick/wedgies.

And this one is from the popular Rachael Lust about Esclators and Reverse.


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