Humpday Hoop Trick #4

This week’s humpday hoop trick is the basic isolation. Isolations are an incredibly popular move with a wide variety of applications. Adding a frame effect always looks gorgeous in a sequence, and they  are the cornerstone of off-body moves.

Katie Emmett brings her flair to the basic one-handed isolation

Chemigals posted a video back in 2009 with a different method for the basic isolation as well

GemGen brings a very detailed tutorial on the basic isolation (complete with diagrams)

HipHoopHooray11 has an excellent tutorial on the basic isolation that includes transitioning between both arms, and exercises you can do to create muscle-memory and reduce the hoop’s wobble

Last but not least is Aaron Smith’s two-handed isolation

Hope this week’s hoop trick brings you plenty of smiles and successes! See all of you hoopers next wednesday for another Humpday Hoop Trick!


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