Hearing World

Hearing World (2004)

Their hands move fast
It’s all a blur to you
But to me it was talking
A group of signs strung together
That made total sense
It looks like gibberish to an outsider
But to me it was a funny joke
Someone signs my name
And I look to see what they’re saying
You miss the whole conversation
A little girl runs up
Her smile lights up her whole face
As she chatters about a new toy
But you stand there
Not understanding any of it
It’s a whole other world
And you’re an outsider looking in
Your world is cruel to them
Yet they struggle to live in it
Raise their children to be accepted
And to be understood by people like you
The feelings you feel here
Like anger, hate, and being misunderstood
They feel everyday
Because of people like you
In your hearing world


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