Harvesting Morning Glories



I’ve been harvesting hundreds of morning glory seeds from these beautiful plants I grew. My mother-in-law gave me some heirloom seedlings she had growing in toilet paper rolls earlier this spring.

They bloomed all summer- in fact, there were still blooms late last week. It was amazing. I thought I’d share some tips for those of you who may be interested.


On the left side are some pods off the plant (my helpers pulled up a plant, so I had some). The green one is obviously not ready to be harvested, while the other has already been harvested. The key sign of readiness is when the leaves pull back from the pods, and turn brown.

In the middle of the photo I’ve laid out several ripe pods. The larger ones were from before last night’s rain and chill. The top left one isn’t quite ready, but is okay to pick. You want to squish them a little and listen for a crisp crunch.

As you can see from the seed pod husk in the top right corner, they should be dry and fragile. Below that is one I opened, so you can see that there are usually 2 seeds to a section inside.

In the middle bottom of the page are seeds. The seeds are fully ready when they are black, but as you can see, my helpers were a little eager sometimes, and some were harvested while still purple/white.

I recommend harvesting into a cup, or if you’re lazy like me, directly into your glass container for seeds. I still have more to harvest!



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  1. Pam · September 29, 2013

    Nice page, thanks!