Cutting & Styling your Mohawk

Getting your mohawk cut can be a difficult next step once you have decided that it is what you want. There are a lot of questions at this stage, and hopefully I can help answer some of these (:

Cutting your own hair is difficult, and I recommend having someone else do it for you at least the first time. When my husband cut mine, he went from the center of each eye for guidelines. I’ve heard both good and bad things about going to a salon, so keep that in mind.

Hubby says to pull your long hair section towards the side you’re not cutting for optimal cutting. When I trim my hair now, I usually put it up in a pony, and do 1 side and the the other. Trimming the neck is the hardest part. The back is a pain in the ass as well, but remember any hair you cut by accident will grow back.

I usually use a 3 sectioned medicine cabinet for a mirror, and while looking at what I am cutting backwards is challenging, it is VERY helpful. I use hair clippers to cut the sides, as I found bic-ing the head didn’t last much longer, and I like the way it feels like velcro after a cut.

There’s really not anything else I can think of adding about cutting it. I will add more as I do.



There are a lot of ways to style a mohawk outside of the classic fan.

reversebraid          braidedhawk

This is a view of my hawk braided- you can begin at the top or bottom of your head.



This look is achieved merely by twisting the top section and then picking up more hair and adding it along the way down, then securing it with a bobby pin or two.

This is your standard poof (:

And if your hawk is long enough you can wear it in pigtails (:

There is also the standard ponytail. This is how I wear mine the majority of the time. It’s also pretty easy to rock a side pony if you are into that look.

And hats are always a girl’s best friend. My head is always cold in the winter!

Hope this helps all of you mohawk aficionados 🙂


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