Coloring your mohawk

Have you ever called a good salon and asked how much it’d be to dye your dark hair fire engine red or blue? Well I have, and let me tell you, they want way too much. It’s so much cheaper and fairly easy to do it at home.

I pick up all of my supplies in one trip, at sally’s beauty supply. After your initial trip it ranges from $5- $20 a trip depending on whether you have leftover supplies or not.

toolsoftradeThese are the supplies I used to dye my hair this evening- other than the hair dye. You want to get them all together before you start- hair dye (manic panic is the most reliable of what I can get, special effects is rumored to last longer), dye brush (you can get these for like 50 cents), a plastic container, gloves if you care about your hands getting colored, a rag to wipe dye off the scalp, creme developer (the higher volume the better if you have dark hair like mine!), and some blue lightener.

You can put petroleum jelly around the hairline if you want. It’s supposed to keep dye from coloring your scalp, but I haven’t had much in the way of luck with it.

Start with dry hair. Mix the lightener and developer (a little bit goes a long way) in your container until it forms a gooey paste. Using the brush, paint it onto your hair, coating it really well. Remember, anything left dry will be a dark spot. It is usually best to work from the roots down the hair strands. I usually go from the back of the head to the front simply because it is easier. Let it sit until you can see the hair turning white- timers are for pussies. Then wash it and dry it.


This is where your hair should be at now (:blonde


You should definitely take a break here. I dye my hair with manic panic dye, simply because it’s what I can get, and it’s only like 10 bucks. This time I did rainbow hair, so I have pics!







If you are using more than one color, you will want to divide it up using tiny hair bands. This will make it easier to color because it is already sectioned off. Try to divide your sections evenly. Then let it down section by section, and paint the strands like with bleach. Twist the section up and it will happily stick to the other wet hair.



Let it sit as long as you like! I usually tie a plastic bag over my head and sleep on it. Then you just wash it out, and voila! Colored hair.


P.S. I have been dyeing my hair for 3 years regularly. Your hair WILL reach the point where it can’t be dyed again. A really good way to know is if it feels dry, hangs sadly, and takes dye well. DON’T dye it again. If you do, you will end up with hair that falls out of your head in large hunks. This is how much hair I lost just after bleaching it (I lost even more when I colored it, brushed it, and pretty much every time I touched it)




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