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Bibliophile Thoughts

I thought that after all of this time you may all enjoy hearing a little bit about the why. That is- why- I read. Reading has always been a major part of my life; as a child it was my only true companion. I believe books themselves are a large part of what separate us from animals, perhaps just as… Read more →

Kiki Wanderer 1 year Anniversary!

On May 17, 2015 the website turned a year old. (= In order to celebrate, we are releasing a new logo for the website! At times I wasn’t sure it was worth the bother of running, and at times it was more than I could handle, but here I am, rounding the beginning of year 2. I have confidence that… Read more →

Fairies: Magical Thinking in Shakespeare

  Shakespeare’s use of fairies in his works is legendary. He peppers them into enough of his plays to consider them a staple of his. The word “fairies” itself has two possible origins. The first is the noun “fays,” a broken-down form of Fatae. This was the noun used for the classical three fates which were later turned into supernatural… Read more →

Harvesting Morning Glories

  I’ve been harvesting hundreds of morning glory seeds from these beautiful plants I grew. My mother-in-law gave me some heirloom seedlings she had growing in toilet paper rolls earlier this spring. They bloomed all summer- in fact, there were still blooms late last week. It was amazing. I thought I’d share some tips for those of you who may… Read more →

Gate 1: overview

  Gate 1 of the A.A.O. Overview So,  for those of  you who don’t know what Gate 1 is, it’s a part of the system founded by the A.A.O. Gate 1 covers  circles 1-4,  of which I am primarily concerned  with circles 1 and 2 currently. Before you get to Gate 1 though, there’s a zero point called Circle 0.… Read more →

Discordianism Master Links

A small collection of discordian links. Fnord! Propaganda Directory Rev. Billy’s Pearltree Lesser Elvis Banishing Ritual– one of my favorites <3 Appendix Discordia POEE Documents 23 Apples of Eris Meme Bot Discordia Books The PD’s directory for Discordian Propaganda Discordian texts even more propaganda (for being DISCORDians, they’re awfully organized)   discordian online library *shrug*  Cram’s poster collection Most… Read more →

Principa Discordia by Malaclypse The Younger

The Principa Discordia, by Malaclypse the Younger, is a discordian classic. The book is dedicated to the Prettiest One, a reference to the classic greek tale about Eris, the goddess of Chaos and Discord. It is a difficult book to review, because it is a difficult book to follow. Written in the classic style of discordians, it is complete with… Read more →

Chaote Master Links

Thought I’d compile a list of some of my favorite content about chaos magic   Chaos Magic Directory Phil Hine: Spirits and Servitors Spiral Nature:Chaos Magic Free e-books on Chaos Magic Cultivating Madness– one of the first books on it that I read that I liked Liber Cyber TOPY AutonomatriX Some good 101 articles fotamecus Fotamecus Rite Occult book list… Read more →

Discordian Beltane Self-Initiation Ritual

This was written for the Pomegranate Prophecies, found here. You will need: A large rock written with an eris sigil and power words (chaos, discord, truth, etc) Eris candle (I used a tall white glass candle with the hand and “Hail Eris!” written on it) Random offerings (mine were candy, booze, a roach, a piece of driftwood, and a bracelet)… Read more →

The call

This was written for the Pomegranate Prophecies, found here. “Pomegranate Prophecy,” she said aloud in a soft voice as she picked up the hardcover book from the library book shelf. She brushed back her blonde hair hastily, initially interested in its deep reddish purple cover. She lightly caressed the cover art, tracing the pomegranate seeds and peering closely at the… Read more →

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