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    Zine Making

    Some decent links on zine making (= We make Zines: not entirely useful for getting started, but for some of those questions you can’t seem to find answers to, as well as for getting hooked into the community, this is where it’s at. Stolen Sharpie LJ: While I’m not a big fan of LJ, this community offers some different pictures of covers of a variety of zines (for those of us who haven’t been able to get them in person), and it’s the community for the DIY guide. Zine making instructable: Has some nice history included alt.zine DMZ:  A useful collection of tips from experienced zine makers zine resource community:…

  • ThingsIMadeTuesday

    TIMT: Amigurumi

    I’ve made a bunch of amigurumi the last few years, but I don’t always remember to take photographs unfortunately. This is a small collection of items I’ve created from free patterns easily found on the web. Last year for my son’s birthday he asked for a tiny mouse. I looked around a bit for a pattern that I liked, and stumbled across this one, a cute roly-poly mouse.   http://elgallobermejo.blogspot.com.es/p/patron-gratis-en-espanol-y-en-ingles.html?m=1#english   Around the same time I made this catnip mouse for my fatty, Rogue. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it much once the catnip all fell out, which may be something to consider altering in the future. Perhaps a space in…

  • ThingsIMadeTuesday

    TIMT: Cards

    I have recently been making cards. Lots of them… I’ve really been enjoying the whole process of putting together the card. I can not claim original thought for a lot of these images, as I did google to find ones that aligned with what I was looking for, but these are all 100% hand-drawn.           This was a christmas card for a family member (=           This is the cover of a card I made for the hooping.org valentine’s day card exchange.             This was a card for a dear friend. He’s always working really hard to…

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