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    Bibliophile Thoughts

    I thought that after all of this time you may all enjoy hearing a little bit about the why. That is- why- I read. Reading has always been a major part of my life; as a child it was my only true companion. I believe books themselves are a large part of what separate us from animals, perhaps just as much as speech does. Books embody mankind’s lasting mark on time through writing. Writing itself is a huge thing, but books are ours. Books will outlive us all and are the essence of a peek into our culture, our lives, and the messages that we seek out. A person’s bookshelf…

  • Book Review,  StorySunday

    Journey to Ixtlan: The Lessons of Don Juan by Carlos Castaneda

      I think of all three of these books (The Teachings of Don Juan, and A Separate Reality come before this one), this one is my favorite. Fun side-note is that my copy came with a stock card listing the date it was originally received by the bookstore as 8-25-75, which means that the book is older than I am.   It details the totality of his apprenticeship, and why he ultimately stepped away from working with Don Juan. For those of you familiar with his other two books, yes, a lot of it is repetition, but the impotant thing to note is that it is almost entirely without mention of…

  • ThingsIMadeTuesday

    Zine Making

    Some decent links on zine making (= We make Zines: not entirely useful for getting started, but for some of those questions you can’t seem to find answers to, as well as for getting hooked into the community, this is where it’s at. Stolen Sharpie LJ: While I’m not a big fan of LJ, this community offers some different pictures of covers of a variety of zines (for those of us who haven’t been able to get them in person), and it’s the community for the DIY guide. Zine making instructable: Has some nice history included alt.zine DMZ:  A useful collection of tips from experienced zine makers zine resource community:…

  • ThingsIMadeTuesday

    TIMT: Amigurumi

    I’ve made a bunch of amigurumi the last few years, but I don’t always remember to take photographs unfortunately. This is a small collection of items I’ve created from free patterns easily found on the web. Last year for my son’s birthday he asked for a tiny mouse. I looked around a bit for a pattern that I liked, and stumbled across this one, a cute roly-poly mouse.   http://elgallobermejo.blogspot.com.es/p/patron-gratis-en-espanol-y-en-ingles.html?m=1#english   Around the same time I made this catnip mouse for my fatty, Rogue. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it much once the catnip all fell out, which may be something to consider altering in the future. Perhaps a space in…

  • ThingsIMadeTuesday

    TIMT: Cards

    I have recently been making cards. Lots of them… I’ve really been enjoying the whole process of putting together the card. I can not claim original thought for a lot of these images, as I did google to find ones that aligned with what I was looking for, but these are all 100% hand-drawn.           This was a christmas card for a family member (=           This is the cover of a card I made for the hooping.org valentine’s day card exchange.             This was a card for a dear friend. He’s always working really hard to…

  • Book Review

    A chicken in every yard by Robert and Hannah Litt

      The book, A chicken in every yard by Robert and Hannah Litt, is the urban Farm Store’s Guide to Chicken Keeping, a comprehensive guide for beginners in keeping egg laying chickens. The pages have bright and attractively colored photos, and the book is laid out fairly well. The preface lays out the authors meeting and getting married, and their mutual interest in chicken keeping, which led to the Urban Farm Store. Chapter 1 is titled “Why Keep Chickens?,” and it lists a number of practical considerations for keeping chickens- affections, educational value, aesthetic value, and fun and humor. Fun facts are sprinkled throughout the chapter, bringing us to the…

  • Humpday Hoop Trick

    Humpday Hoop Trick #9

    This week’s trick is the Hand Spin. These seem to be gaining internet fame, and with good reason- they make everything look spinier.   The helicopter is often compared to the hand spin because they share similar movements. This is a beginner video from HoopSmiles on the helicopter in case you don’t know it.   Katie Emmett brings us two different ways to hand spin.   Louisa Hula has a very in-depth video on a number of hand spins that offers unique filming techniques. Caroleena also has a great video covering the 3 variations.   Hope these help with adding some more variation to your flow! <3  

  • Humpday Hoop Trick

    Humpday Hoop Trick #8

    This week’s trick is the toss. The dynamic motion of a toss can really break up the repetition of tricks. I thought it’d be fun to try out a couple of different types. The ever popular Pizza Toss has been covered in detail by Caroleena.   These Hips Hoop has shown us how to do three awesome variations on the pizza toss as well.   The infinity toss is a killer combo that combines both sides of the under arm toss. It can be learned in three stages. Tiana has an excellent tutorial on the infinity toss.   Funland tricks brings us a nice cross toss that makes a nice stepping stone…

  • Humpday Hoop Trick

    Humpday Hoop Trick #7

    This week’s trick is the fold. Folding is a great way to transition, and that seems to be something a lot of people struggle with when it comes to flow.   Yabadabaoliveu has a great video that covers the basics of folding as well as a ton of other variations and cobos.   Deanne Love rarely fails to have a video on any trick, and she doesn’t here either. She offers a video on serving and folding, a neat combo that really brings a flowy aspect to the move and increases its ability as a transition, bringing you from a handspin or helicopter move into a unique way to bring…

  • Humpday Hoop Trick

    Humpday Hoop Trick #6

    Here’s to hoping your week  is going fantastic! This week’s trick is the jump through! A nice  jump through is always a great transition, and they get a lot of wow from a crowd. Anah/Hoopalicious has done a great tutorial about building up the leg muscles necessary for  successful jump throughs, as well as several variations.   The basic vertical jump through has been covered by SaFire.   The basic  horizontal jump through has been covered  by Chemigals.   One of the first jump throughs that I learned was the Flip Fold Jump Through from Deanna Love.The variation with shoulder hooping is fun too.   Soul Hula brings us a…

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