Bibliophile Thoughts

I thought that after all of this time you may all enjoy hearing a little bit about the why. That is- why- I read. Reading has always been a major part of my life; as a child it was my only true companion. I believe books themselves are a large part of what separate us from animals, perhaps just as much as speech does. Books embody mankind’s lasting mark on time through writing. Writing itself is a huge thing, but books are ours. Books will outlive us all and are the essence of a peek into our culture, our lives, and the messages that we seek out.

A person’s bookshelf can tell you so much about someone. It gives you a peek into who they are, and what they enjoy. But it is even more than that. Books are universal items of comfort. You can pick up books and smell them. Books may even take on the smell of their environments, especially magic/occult/new age supply shops. Most of my magic books smell kind of like incense.

Paperback books are of a uniform shape and slightly variant sizes. They sit nicely on shelves (3 deep currently), and fit in purses and bags better than hardcover books. Hardcover books are frequently larger while not necessarily thicker. They are also an amazing lasting permanence of a message or of information. They can be read, reread, passed along, or lent out. There are libraries so even those who can not afford to buy books can read.

Books are amazing and vibrant in so many ways. The right story will sing for you, like an enchanted item will when the right phrase is uttered. It pulls you along and drags you under, then rises once again to the surface. You can read the same story again and again and hear an entirely different story when you listen to the nuances of the language. Inspiration can be found in non-fictional books as well; like autobiographies that stir the heart and informational texts that teach when no teacher can be found, transmitting a message that would otherwise have been unheard. “The writers of history are always the winners,” or some shit like that, ya’know.


But seriously. One of the best things about books is that they connect us to other people. The stories that are told connect us to the authors, editors, and people referred to along the way. The marks we leave in books are found by others that read them later; just as books I have bought have had forgotten relics of their previous owners. Hints are left behind as to the book’s previous locations and its travels. Inscriptions are important as well and connect us.

Reading has always been a mutual meeting ground for me. It is the only place in between ASL and English.


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