audacious hoops

I bought a hoop from Audacious Hoops, last month and picked it up last week (funny side note, I had a friend pick it up since he lives walking distance from the temple, and he walked around downtown grand rapids with him. He said it was fantastic.). I have been putting off writing a review since I wanted to play with it a bit, and I am thinking tonight is a good time (:

The hoop I purchased is gorgeous. The colors are fantastic and I love the sparkly tape, it is amazing in sunlight. The diameter is smaller than the hoop I was using, and I am very pleased with the difference. This hoop is also lighter, and I find that it is heavy enough for a smooth waist flow, and light enough for basic isolations and neck hooping.

I am really pleased with it, and can’t wait to get hoops for off the body movement.












I also attended 3 classes taught by Miss Audacious. They were fun and had structure, and I learned quite a number of tricks and refined even more. It was well worth the experience, and I plan on attending some more!


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