100 days of hula hooping challenge (2012)



In 2012 I began a 100 days of hooping challenge. The idea originated here. I began with the plan to hoop 30 minutes a day, and resting on wednesdays and sundays. The tricks were divided into areas (following the original idea), and then into weeks. Originally these were posted weekly with links to videos of tricks, but for ease I have merged these all into one super post.   This is my pre-challenge video. I can’t find my post-challenge video at the moment, but if I do, I will post it as well.

Week one- Legs

So basically, stalling the hoop is done reaching around your back and grabbing it. You can watch a video on the technique here. The leg trick I am going to be learning is the kick start. It should compliment the leg hooping I do now. This trick is done by putting one foot under the hoop, crossing the other in front, and kicking it with the heel of the foot in front. Let it spin halfway, then put your foot in and nestle beneath the hoop. Pull your foot straight up your leg, and spin! You can watch two videos on it, here and here.

Week two- Arms

There are a ton of videos on chest hooping. These are the two that I am using for reference. one by caroleena and this one This one is SaFire’s, which is great but kind of intimidating! As for arm tricks, I ended up looking at hand hooping, as shown here by Caroleena. I was going to do a tuck toss this week, tutorial here, but realized getting some basics down would be far better.

Week three- Opposite

Opposite week is this week, so reverse all your moves! I ordinarily do both directions when I hoop, so this week I will begin hooping to the right instead of the left. The second challenge this week is to look up at least one video of a different style than yours (pretty much any style applies for me lol), and incorporate it! This is more of inspiration than anything else, but I will definitely be trying this one. The third challenge is to learn the booty bump. Here is another one to try.

Week four- Transform

So this week’s focus zone is transform. The goal is to make your own dances. On days 25-27 (Thursday, Friday, and Saturday), do all of your tricks blindfolded 🙂 Try walking with your hoop if you haven’t already learned how to do this trick. And last, but certainly not least, make a new video of your progress! My progress video

Week 5- Isolations

The focus zone for this week is isolations. I don’t know about you guys, but isolations are one of the areas I struggle with the most that seem to be vital to flow and dance.

Because of this, I chose a beginner tutorial that is a little simpler than normal in hopes it’ll help my technique- much as the one I chose for hand hooping week 2 I think it was. Feel free to choose something else if you have these basics down. Here’s another beginner isolation technique.

Now, the corkscrew, or vortex is a two part trick. Here’s the first part, and the second partOne other take/technique for the vortex.

Week 6- Vertical

Throw, jump, roll and lay down with your hoop! Look up videos that utilize the vertical plane and attempt them on your own.

The ones I am looking at are: the pizza toss, the jump throughseated example, and across the back.

Week 7- Horizontal

On days 43 and 44, spin in the same direction as your hoop (I already do this a ton and I love it!). Look up at least two videos with techniques utilizing the horizontal plane and implement them! The tricks I am going to try are helicopter spins and a step through.

Week 8- Legs

Choose two tricks focusing on your legs. Examples are below the knees, on one leg, or a kick.

An interesting fact about leg hooping is that what it really is is thigh hooping. If your hoop is hitting your knees or right above your knees, you’re doing great, but you need to work on lifting your hoop higher- I’m working on this now, myself. (:

The tricks I will be attempting are: ankle and shin hooping and leg breaks.

Week 9- Arms

Week nine covers days 57-63, and has the focus zone arms. Like week 2, we are looking at arm tricks, including isolations. Unlike week 2, we are looking for 2 tricks, and they may not be tosses. Good examples are lasso, or poi flowers.

I’m trying basic elbow hooping and a behind the back elbow pass.

Week 10- Opposite

Reverse all of your tricks, if you aren’t already, and hoop in the opposite direction. Look up 2 different styles than yours and incorporate them.

I am taking this opportunity to work on transitions, since I know how to do quite a few tricks, but my flow is pretty weak. These are the two I am looking at learning: hinge transitions and swirl & sparkle transitions.

Week 11- Transform

Make your own dances, and at least make one video to mark your progress 🙂 My progress video

Week 12- Isolations

Choose 2 new isolation tricks to try out. The ones I chose were the bus driver, or barrel roll iso and the turning outside iso.

Week 13- Move your legs

The goal is to try tricks out that get you moving around. Some examples are walk on fire and the skip and fly. The trick I am trying is the bump and roll.

Week 14- Final Countdown

Go back and look at the trick videos you used. Now don’t use any of them, and make up your own dances and tricks!!

Week 15- Rest!

-Make a video of your new mad dance skills! Time for some kind of awesome reward!

Final Thoughts on the 100 day challenge

This was a fun experience for me. If I went back and did it again- which I probably will- I would certainly do a few things differently.

First of all I would add a class attendance requirement of at least twice monthly. I learned a lot from the handful of classes I attended, and it’s an entirely different experience than hooping at home. It really helps bolster confidence and assurance that what you are doing is correct is always nice.

Secondly, I would stick to one trick a week. Trying to learn two tricks at once was too difficult at points in the challenge for me. I found some tricks just were way harder to achieve a satisfactory amount of success with, like chest hooping, which I am still working on.

And thirdly, I would take out the opposite direction focus zone all together and seriously consider scrapping or modifying the rest of them. I found focusing on them in the way laid out was awkward. In my opinion, focusing on types of tricks throughout the challenge would be more manageable to keep track of. Emphasis on transitions, isolations, barrel rolls, tosses, passes, starts like kick start, off- body movement and just basic on the body movement make more sense to me.


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